“Beautifully designed. Perfectly detailed.”

At Black Rock we are passionate about setting the standard for excellence in design and craftsmanship. As your design partner, we will help you create a remarkable space that will compliment your new home or renovation. We offer exceptional products including granite, marble and hard surfaces, custom cabinetry constructed from both rustic and traditional species, custom handcrafted light fixtures, full spectrum porcelain, glass and ceramic tile, shower enclosures and European appliances. These products paired with our ability to artistically organize and coordinate your space make Black Rock your full service design destination. Artisans by nature, as well as profession, we are invested in your project and responsive to your needs, from the design phase to the finished product.


Kevin Bradley

I have a passion for creating. I get excited about creating unique and interesting elements that work together to make eye-catching and comfortable spaces. It’s gratifying to me to know that the job I’ve done has exceeded my clients’ expectations.

Donna Bradley

I enjoy the creative process and love seeing the transformation. I also value the relationships we have forged in the building of our business – relationships with vendors, the community, and especially our customers. It’s rewarding to know that each new customer is a potential new friend.

Operations Manager


Yazan Semrein

Over the course of my career, I’ve developed a skill set directly relevant to the Architect Role, including Design, CAD, 3D modeling and rendering. Overall, I have consistently demonstrated creative thinking, problem-solving and critical thinking abilities in every aspect of my Architecture role, and I invite you to review my detailed achievements and portfolio.


Heather Wall

I am an interior designer with a passion for bringing beauty and practicality to spaces. With a solid 5 years in the industry, I’ve had the privilege of working on a wide range of projects, from townhomes in a bustling city to rustic retreats nestled in the mountains. My designs are a blend of functionality and aesthetics. In my spare time, you can find me trout fishing, hiking, or spending quality time with my husband and our two pups.

Thomspon Cranford

Tile Sales

Pressley Blalock

Granite Sales


Our faithful companion for many years