Renovation of any space can be a massive undertaking, and the kitchen can be one of the most complicated projects.   Education and communication with clients throughout the process is vital.  An understanding of the procedures before, during, and after the project enhance the connection between the homeowner and the design team.  Here are the five steps you can expect in your remodel process. 

Step 1 

REALIZATION: Your space does not work. Whether your concerns are functional issues or aesthetic improvements, there are many reasons to invest in a remodel solution.  

Step 2 

SEEK A PROFESSIONAL: Explore your options for a designer to work alongside you and assist with evaluating your project. The scope of work should include a layout that works for the way you use your space, establishing a realistic budget and making choices that speak to you and your lifestyle. 

Step 3 

ESTABLISH REALISTIC EXPECTATIONS: Breathing life into a remodeled space requires working within the parameters of existing conditions. Often, unique challenges can present themselves in a kitchen renovation. The success of the project is determined by how these challenges are handled. 

Step 4 

REMAIN EXCITED WHILE EXERCISING PATIENCE: The investment that you have made should include a time frame established up front.  Communication between you and your design team should reassure you that your project is in good hands. Two important things to keep in mind during the remodel process are:  1) Living day to day in a renovation zone is going to feel chaotic, and 2) The design teams are specialists. The labor-intensive elements of any design take time to install, but soon the beautiful details you see every day begin to materialize.  

Step 5 

ENJOYMENT: The investment in your design should now be a living breathing source of pleasure and all you anticipated as a result of the conversations between you, the design professional, and the construction professional.   Your kitchen renovation project functions as an extension of your lifestyle.  So, take the time to embrace and acclimate yourself to the layout and the new features and functions that this newly renovated design has to offer.  Your family and guests should find it inviting and consider it a place that makes the experience of home complete.   

A kitchen remodel adventure can be enjoyable and fulfilling.  Because of the nature of a remodel project, which often has workers who are in and out of your space, it can also feel stressful and frustrating.  This time of inconvenience is well worth the beautiful transformation and the years of enjoyment the experience yields.  By choosing Black Rock Granite and Cabinetry, our professionals are available to provide you with knowledge and experience, helping balance your wants and needs to make your remodel dreams a reality.